lStandard CMOS process.
lEmbedded 4K byte EPROM for MCU programming.
lEmbedded 8-bit MCU.
lConnect external SPI flash to store voice data.
lCombination of voice building blocks to extend playback duration.
lTable entries are available for voice block combinations.
lUser selectable 10bit/8bit PCM or 4bit ADPCM data compress.
lVoice Group Trigger Options:Edge/Level;Hold/Un-hold;Retrigger/Non-retrigger.
lProgrammable I/Os, Timer Interrupt and Watch Dog Timer.
lBuilt-in oscillator with fixed Rosc, software control sampling frequency.
l2.4V – 3.6V single power supply and < 5uA low stand-by current.
lPWM Vout1 and Vout2 drive speaker directly.
lD/A COUT with ramp-up ramp-down option to drive speaker through an external 
lVolume control.
lMaximum 10-bit resolution.
lInternal Power-up reset circuit built-in;RSTB provides external controlled reset to
  the chip.


    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aMTP777.PNG